Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pondering the universe too much? Maybe I'll stick to my knitting basket.

A new mug full of freshly brewed coffee seems to go well with my new project. I bought the mug(s) from Debra. I love their pottery, but the sheep really spoke to me. I! Now I have two.

With political rhetoric heating up, I've been busy stocking up on yarn, placing patterns in my Ravelry queue and deciding on which movies to watch or books to read for the next fifteen months. It seems too soon to be listening to sound bites, bullshit and talking heads. I simply can't take the divisiveness yet again. Instead, my main defense will be to focus on diversion.

Admittedly, I've been all over the place with my knitting. When the peacock shawl was done, I cast on a pair of socks in Bearfoot. I'd been sitting at the hospital with MLTL, wearing flip-flops, and my feet were cold. It made sense at the time, but I've lost interest. I worked on the leg of the first sock while at the barbecue last weekend, but plain socks really aren't engaging enough. Once the first frost comes, I'll be sorry, but until then, I'm on to other things. I dragged out the log cabin blanket, but after a bazillion garter stitch rows, I recalled why I'd tucked it away: B.O.R.I.N.G. I felt compelled to either set it aside again, or poke myself in the eye with an Addi turbo needle. A time out was the safest choice.

I had big plans to finish the Icelandic sweater, but the weather, and I'm not complaining at all, is still too warm to sit with pounds of bulky wool in my lap. On Saturday night, wrapped in my peacock shawl, and Fanny wrapped up in her Midsummer Night's Dream shawl at the movies, the one who had no shawl, Sara, piped up that she was indeed shawl-less and feeling left out in the cold.

She--more than anyone else in this knitter's life--knows how to get what she wants.

So I went shopping for more Madelinetosh yarn, and Sara went shopping for a pattern. Together we came up with the Holden Shawlette, and I cast on. It's taking a bit of time though because the yarn is fingering weight and for several days now, I've been lost in a sea of stockinette. The yarn as a hank, looked nothing like it does knitted up, but the intended recipient seems to like the way it's turning out. It's way more variegated than I thought it would be and while I usually don't like the way that looks in lace, I'm enjoying this camouflage appearance and so is Sara. It won't be long now before I start the lace portion, which should be much more entertaining than this knit has shown me so far.

Still it's way better than watching politics unfold, unless of course you get your news from Jon Stewart:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Indecision 2012 - Corn Polled Edition - Rick Perry Announces His Candidacy
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Project Details

Project Name: Sara's Dark and Stormy Shawl
Pattern Name: Holden Shawlette (free here on Ravelry)
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, Colorway Lichen


Silliyak said...

I should take up knitting while I hunker down myself. I thought at least Bachman would be entertaining. At least she's not scary. I'm not even excited about Obama, but more motivated by the extreme right. sigh!

Stephanie V said...

Does it rally take that many months to figure out the politics? It seems to be the same everywhere these days. And so mean-spirited that it amazes me that anyone pays attention.

Meanwhile, I've got my stash for the future. And I've been flying through the Summer Flies shawl. That ruffled edge has slowed me down some.

Denise said...

The Food Network has been severe re-run mode and Duane has switched to CNN. It has me ready to bury myself in my knitting. Really, just get a box big enough for me and the yarn.

I love how you new shawl project looks.

SkippyMom said...

..."Unless you get your news from Jon Stewart." Which is basically where half the nation gets their information from. Between Stewart/Colbert and SNL how do you think Sarah Palin became so front and center.
I swear I mute the television at night when the people that are vying for the nomination come on. Steph is right - does it really take this long to figure it out? I thought the last election was interminable, but this one is going to be worse. If Palin throws her hat [cough, thong] into the ring I am moving to Canada.
I like the yarn you are using. It does look pretty knitted up - different when in a hank, but very nice either way. [Knitted is better. heehee]

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i simply cannot watch any more politics and that's all sarge wants to see. buggers!

the shawl is lovely!

smiles, bee

Kotaatok said...

It is the season for Startitis. I do like the yarn and shawl. Watch out my Ry does not see them she has a bit of green shawl fetish.

sapphireblue said...

I just here "Blah blah" when I watch politics.

Brenda said...

One can never have too many projects. I think that is cool that you and your friend wore your shawls to the movies. I was just telling Bob that the politic games will start getting heavy from now until next Nov. I don't really have the freedom to watch much TV with the little ones around. I think I will just scan a few things around the net to see what is going on.

Finding Pam said...

I love the green/bue colors of that shawl. It looks so soothing.

Politics are insane. WHy does the news keep repeating the same old stories? My husband is glued to the news waiting for the next candidate to shoot himself in the foot.

Knitty said...

I would love to have a candidate from any party that I whole-heartedly believe in, but I don't think that is going to happen in my life time. Both parties are such big business that even if a candidate did start out pure of heart with ideas and ideals that I could embrace, the Party dictates what they will do in exchange for endorsement. This is how I've felt for a long time.

I'd much rather listen to Jon Stewart. Heck, I think I might even prefer him as a candidate!

Jane said...

I can't believe it's starting all over again. It just seems too soon.
I've lost my knitting mojo really. Putting it down to overkill on the "secret Project." Hoping it wends its way back this fall as I've promised myself that I'll knit from stash. Got to now that the Geek's heading to college!

Miss 376 said...

It's been lovely for the last week, I've been away and not seen the news or read a paper for the whole time. It will be a shock tomorrow to come back to the real world. Looking forward to seeing the lace pattern for this shawl, it will be interesting seeing how the wool works up

jeannette said...

love your purple mug!

debra said...

You got the package! Yay!!! I love the mugs, too. And soon, we shall make some with wee little piggies.
Happy Saturday!

Amy said...

Hmmmm...that mug looks suspiciously like one I just put on my desk this week...a mug I bought with the intention of giving it away for Christmas...but now I'm not so sure...