Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yodel me on my cell...

While at the movies last weekend, I had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to an obnoxious blockhead who kept texting on his cell phone throughout the movie. True, he wasn't talking, and yes, his cell was on a silent setting, but the brightness of his smartphone was so annoying in the dark theater and the thickheaded man apparently didn't didn't get the message when I kept putting up my hand to block the light from his phone. I should have sent smoke signals, or better yet, a text.

He was definitely a twit, but not as much of one as the ignorant woman sitting next to me at the nail salon Wednesday, chattering non-stop on her cell about everything, anything and nothing at all. I was treated to her opinion on Casey Anthony (along with a long synopsis of the never-ending trial), new threats on how terrorists will now be smuggling medically implanted bombs and a general who's doing who in her life. She regaled everyone in the salon with her escapades for a solid hour and a half.

Like who cares?

For the life of me, I don't know why people just cannot shut off their cells, along with their mouths, for one or two hours of their lives. Will they miss that much? Really? Clearly, as in the case of the woman at the salon, she likely never shuts up long enough to listen to anything or anyone. She might go into withdrawal if she can't hear herself talk. What a boor.

Oy. Rant over. I promise.

The color on my toes? OPI's, Yodel Me on My Cell. The irony does not escape me.

The shawl continues to grow and is beginning to remind me of the M*A*S*H episode where Margaret started to knit a sweater for her husband one summer, but as her life changed during a long Korean winter, so did her knitting plans. In the end, she knit a huge afghan.

I believe I'll start calling this my Hot Lips Project.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

perfect, the toes and margaret!

smiles, bee

Scribe said...

I am completely guilty of being addicted to my iPhone... its embarassing really... though I don't go to movies and I would never spend money on a movie only to waste it all by playing on my phone... YIKES.

I love your toes... and I love that blankie... especially your name for it. My parents made me watch MASH... and I feel like I work in a MASH hospital... nice touch!

Denise said...

I seemed to comment about two posts on the last one.

Love the color of your toes.

Suitable name for your shawl.

lovestitch said...

Wow! Great color and great toes!!! They look amazing! Love your blankie as well, it's really gorgeous!!!

Ruth said...

Nice toes - I love a manicure.

Shawl is looking good.

SkippyMom said...

Cute tootsies :) Love the color...giggle

Gail said...

Other than job use, my cell phone was never on. My family was irritated when they could reach me to tell me silly unimportant things.

I have now returned my cell, it is such a relief. You may reach me at my work number or at home...if I answer the phone at all.

My silence is important to me. I do not miss the cell at all.

Love the nail polish! and the afghan!!!

Rose said...

Love the color! Did you pick it out because of the name or was that just a coincidence?

The Bug said...

It's worse when you're trapped beside the person doing all that yapping. I remember a flight from Atlanta to London where we were SUPPOSED to sleep, but the woman behind me got snockered on champagne & never shut up. Even once. She's alive because I didn't think murder was the right way to start my mission trip :)

P.S. I tested a magnet on the remaining earring. No go - apparently it is metal free. Sigh.

Finding Pam said...

I with you on those obnoxious cell phones. Nothing worse than hearing someone's conversation.

I like you deck and your view must be awesome. You look very chilled. The blue polish is nice and I like that shawl.

sapphireblue said...

Girl!!! Don't get me started. I hate going to a restaraunt and every single person at the table is texting. It's like, you paid all that money to be at a restaurant and now you are not going to interact with each other? Stupid!

Brenda said...

I can't figure out why the guy went to the movies if he wasn't going to watch it. And the lady at the spa....isn't that why we all go to the salon...for relaxation???? You have a good memory for Mash shows. I forgot about that one. Oh...the book I started last night you recommended is great! I now have a long list of new reads.

NCmountainwoman said...

Those useless phone conversations hit a raw nerve with me. They are everywhere!