Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hang on to your hopes, my friend

At this very moment, the outdoor thermometer is reading 101 degrees (F) with humidity of 53%. The most strenuous thing I've done today is meet a friend for breakfast and visit MLTL, who is now trying to do inpatient rehab. I'm trying hard to keep his spirits up and encourage him to move, but he's not really capable. He prefers to do nothing but sleep. This has me worried about not only his rehab potential, but also about the near future. If he doesn't do the work, he can't stay there.

There are certain places I just can't go in my head, and that last sentence? Definitely can't go there. With the above map, and my feelings, I can say with authority that I feel (overwhelmingly) like we're descending into hell.

So, to divert my squirrely little brain, I'll go here instead, and I'm taking all of you with me:


sapphireblue said...

Oh no! That wouldn't be good for anyone involved. Let's hope he gets some energy back or is less stubborn.

Brenda said...

We have about 110 here. I am shocked that your humidity is higher than ours. I thought we had the highest humidity aside from Florida.

Finding Pam said...

I think Texas has the highest humidity right now. It is so hot all over the country. I feel bad for those of you up North that are not use to this kind of heat. Pretty unbearable.

Wishing you much comfort and cooler temps. Good luck with MLTL.

Mimi said...

don't know if this is any consolation, but its freezing cold here (not literally, but almost) 55 degrees.I'm sitting with my winter cardi on, over a long-sleeved top! And it rained all day.
Now, moan over, cos your friend is in a much worse way than me, isn't he? And I'm sure it's hard for you to see him that way, so healing thoughts on the way for you.

Ruth said...

Hot humid yuck we have nice winter now.
Good luck with the MLTL - let him know there is no option he has to get up and move or go into a home.

Alice said...

You have ALL my sympathy.

misery loves company:
Dad is getting booted from PT

Brother and I are looking into Hospice

Mother has to go back for another sleep study. (she is not happy with me . . . I expect a dull steak knife in my back, anytime now)

My patient's Mom informed me my Agency may be losing it's accredidation. (she plans to find a way to keep HER nurses though!)

Slippery slope? I think I just stepped off the cliff.

On a GOOD note . . .
isn't this the lowest our humidity has been all week?

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hoping for the best for you honey... really hoping!

hugs, bee

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I'm having flashbacks to my Dad refusing to get up and do his rehab. Just keep at's the only thing that will save you - and him.

Our weather is cool, cool, cool. You can share it.

Gail said...

No, don't go there. His quality of care can be provided other than by you. That may be his plan.

It's is hot and humid here, no relief in sight.

The Bug said...

The heat just makes everything more stressful - I know that I'm already feeling stubborn about my PT & I haven't even had surgery yet. I need to get over THAT attitude if I'm going to benefit from my new hip!

I've never liked winter, but I think I'll bookmark posts like this to read in mid-February when I'm ready to crawl under my electric blanket & stay.

The Bug said...

Well that post was all about me :) I really do hope that MLTL gets it in gear. And that his options don't include YOU!

Denise said...

Hopefully, he's just feeling weakened from the surgery and will feel stronger soon.

Duane was like that the first few weeks when he arrived in the rehab.

It's always hot here. Now, we're getting the humid from Hurricane Dora. I'm miserable. Wishing for a bit snow.

Denise said...

Sending you more of the high test mojo.

distracted by shiny objects said...

#1-Weather: Saw March of the Penguins finally!! Don't know why I dilly-dallied. -80 degree weather. Excellent to watch.
#2-FIL pt: Too much pain med? Any discussion of anti-depressants?
I always feel so bad for patients and families who'd like or need a little time to process this crisis in their lives, but the system doesn't really allow time for that. I'm hoping and praying for you, girlie.

Lisa L said...

Being in the business, I know that if one doesn't 'participate and show progression', one's ass is out of rehab. If he has money, he could move into a nursing home and pay down until he can get on Medicaid. Just a thought. If he doesn't have money, he should apply for M'caid NOW and get the wheels in motion. Another option (again, if has money) would be for him to private hire a caregiver. Its expen$ive, but could be worth it. Sorry you're dealing with this. Maybe he just feels wiped out from the surgery and anemia.