Friday, January 29, 2010

Weather or Not, Let the Games Begin

We've had virtually no inclement weather this winter.

A few flurries here and there is about all that Mother Nature has thrown at Detroit. To be sure, it's cold enough to lick metal and have your tongue stick, but there's no Snow. In fact, right now it's a bone chilling 8 degrees F. It sounds more impressive in Celsius. In that case, it's -13 degrees. Definitely wool wearing weather and if you're smart, more than one layer. I used to think the surest way to make it rain was to go get a car wash. Now I'm thinking I may have been the one who brought this dry winter season upon us because I bought a 4WD vehicle to enhance my hospice nursing skills--or at least ensure my ability to get from point A to point B in a blizzard in under 3 hours. My vehicle's snow handling has been tested once, and that was on the day I picked it up from the dealer. We had about 4 inches of snow that turned to slush and melted by morning.

We aren't the only ones without snow. Vancouver has no snow, and they're hosting the the Winter Olympics in just a couple of weeks. They're concerned it's too warm to manufacture their own snow or if they import snow, they're worried it'll melt. This should make for some interesting downhill, cross-country and snowboarding events, don't you think?

Thank the heavens curling will be safe.

Yes, curling. Being so close to Canada, I've grown up with a love of hockey, and, only the Lord knows why, curling.

Today I'll work on selecting my events for Ravelympics. I need to make sure I get these items up on my projects page so that when the tagging begins, I'm all set to go. I've narrowed things down to the following events:
  • WIPs-Dancing--this is where I'll finally take out the long languishing Pretty as a Peacock Shawl and finish it once and for all.
  • Single Skein Speed Skate--I've got a couple of skeins of Manos hanging around--not to mention the book, One Skein Wonders. I should be able to come up with something for this.
  • Hat-Halfpipe--Maybe I can combine the ideas from my second event with this one.
  • Mittens Moguls Nordic Colorwork Combined--While not technically Nordic, I'm going to enter this with the Deep in the Forest Mittens. Definitely colorwork. Definitely Mittens. Technically Latvian. Close enough.
Are the rest of the knitters here playing along? What events will you enter?


Devon said...

wow, I can't wait to see what you come up with in the Ravelympics! I'm a sucker for manos... even knitted a coat out of it! It actually looks like a cartigan that comes to my knees, talk about warm in wool!

It's weird that you have had so little snow. Here in my california home we have had feet this year. More than I can remember in the past 18 years I have lived here.

I'm sure your car will be able to prove herself before the season is done!

Anonymous said...

I'm not doing the Ravelympics this time, because I've started two projects that I know are going to take me For. Ever. To. Finish. So I'll knit through the Olympics, but not play along.

If you like hockey, you should check out pro lacrosse. Does Detroit have a team? I went to my first game a week or so ago, and it was a blast, and reminiscent of hockey.

Stephanie V said...

An ambitious schedule of events, Rudee.
After my poor showing in the KAL, I'm planning on just finishing my Olympic Red vest in time for the games to start. I can wear it every day to bring our athletes luck.
Of course, it won't be cold enough here in the shadow of the mountains to wear a vest but a little sweating for the team is OK. Even if it's spring in the city, the snow will be where it should be - the mountain...we are not worried.

Brenda said...

I will have to show that curling to my husband and son. The only thing about sports that I know is what I over hear. Good luck with all the knitting. Sounds like a lot to accomplish, but knowing you, we will be seeing photos of them all soon! By the's the move going? Hopefully the weather will be cooperative during that time.

Miss 376 said...

It was on our news this morning about the lack of snow, it's never where it's needed at the right time. Even the boys get interested in the curling

Finding Pam said...

I can't wait to see the lovely things you come up with during the Ravelympics. Unfortunately, I do not knit, but I appreciate those that can.

I hope all is going good for you.

Donna in Ely said...

We have 3 feet of snow and I hate snow. My oldest daughter is going to school in Vancouver and HAS curling tickets. I so want to trade places with her!!

Sandy said...

I would think no snow would make one happy, it sure would me!

Ravelympics, sounds so interesting, I'll have to see exactly what that is.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know you will make a great showing in the Ravelympics and probably bring home a medal. Now I am sorry I missed the time to sign up for Crochetlympics venues. Good luck.

The Crusty Crone said...

8 degrees.... omg!!!

Rose said...

I'm not sure. I was planning to start the ChicKnits Mondo Cable cardi but now I've started the Saroyan shawl and i'm committed. I'll probably finish that in time to stick with the original plan, especially if we get all the snow that's in our forecast. Here's hoping!

Rositta said...

Our friends bought a snow blower this year. I for one am glad there's no snow to shovel. I didn't enter Ravelypics and I'm glad, my knitting is somewhat curtailed at the moment. I'll be watching most of the events. Can't say I'm much of fan of curling though...ciao

Ruth said...

no snow here - Perth West Australia - just our hotes summer for ages and the dires - no rain for 70 odd days - although we did have some a while back but didn't fall in the official rain gauge. Never had snow here.