Saturday, March 9, 2013

Simply Red

I won't say balance is completely restored, but I'm getting there.  I wound the sock yarn last night and was pleased I didn't feel or see any weak spots, holes or splits...a harbinger of moths.  It is old. So far, so good.  The next issue was to settle on a pattern.  And I did.  Wayward, by Cookie A.  I bought the pattern, downloaded it into my Goodreader App and began looking at other Wayward projects on Ravelry.

I got a little worried that it was totally the wrong pattern for my cluttered mind.  I needed a simple--knit with my eyes closed--pattern.  Wayward is anything but.  The second issue that bothered me is that the pattern calls for about 400 yards and while new hanks of Jitterbug may come with that yardage, my semi-vintage Jitterbug does not.  It has around 300 yards.  I didn't want to throw caution to the wind and come up short on a yarn I can't find to supplement.  Instead I went with a plain sock, which is really OK since the yarn is certainly loud enough without suddenly sprouting peacock feathers to show off even more.

With luck, I'll finish the first papal sock before the conclave even begins.

And, yes, my yarn is really all that red and more!

Question of the day:

How does a white man from England sing soul so well?  While I still prefer Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes singing this song, Simply Red produces a more than acceptable version.


Stephanie V said...

Sometimes a plain sock is the best. Love the the name of the the timing. Have you seen the sock pattern in the new Knitty yet? I really, really want to get to that one. Talk about peacock feathers!

Mimi said...

I think I'd prefer the plain sock too, and it answers your needs at the moment.
You could call it "Conclave"!

The Bug said...

The Conclave - I love it! I like that Wayward pattern too - you should try it when you need something to concentrate on. (I'm all pleased that I joined Ravelry so I can look at your patterns with abandon - ha!).

That's a nice rendition of the song. I like his floppy hair :)

Gail said...

Simple is sometimes what the heart needs.

Jane Galley said...

Oh, that is red, even redder than the one I've just used. That should chase the blues away, and simple is good

Alice said...

Nothing like a fantastic Splash of color on your warm feet!

Knitty said...

Finding the beauty in simple again is a great discovery. I used to think each new project in any of my hobbies needed to be a challenge. What a silly idea that was! Thankfully growing older meant growing wiser. The wheel has already been invented. I don't need to recreate it.

Happy knitting!

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm loving those papal socks! And thanks for finding one of my favorite songs!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks. Love the red